The seminar

The Request for Proposals Seminar!

“I am a Certified Construction Manager with significant experience completing over 9 million SF of projects in large retail, hospitality, multi family, office, hi tech and biotech facilities at a value in excess of $1 billion. I’ve been at the forefront of construction methodologies and process for 40 years during which I’ve developed and used my detailed roadmap to negotiated contract RFPs with maximum success. This seminar will show you how to achieve positive results in negotiated construction delivery and savings you would not have believed possible. Contact me and let’s give your staff the edge to compete in today’s market.”         Rick Fria

Don't miss an opportunity to learn from an expert!
"This seminar taught our company how to get optimum results from both our architect and contractor. We have improved both the process and the product, thanks to The Fria Company."              Jonathan Vento, Developer

"Rick knows what he is talking about! He literally wrote the book on the subject. I now am prepared to negotiate fairly and with complete confidence. Probably the best seminar I've ever attended."        
                                                                                  Gerry Gerron, Architect
"I thought the seminar was great...I would highly recommend this class to any CM professional that works in the private sector."                                                         
                  Michael Dyer, Project Manager, Olympic Associates Company
"Great topic. Anyone in the industry can learn and benefit from this seminar."
                   Mark Johnson, Development Manager, Benaroya Company
"This class is applicable to our work. Our clients often look to the architect to lead this process. This class and book will help us with this effort."
                                     Craig Davenport, Architect Principal, MulvannyG2
"This presentation helped me to better understand the contractors and owners language and how to help better address their needs, fears and motivations. Great info."              Jason Dardis, Architect, MulvannyG2


"My seminar will prepare you to be competitive and successful at creating high value construction delivery in today's market!"

Participants will learn to:
  • Prepare detailed RFPs for construction and evaluate the responses
  • Gather critical, project-specific cost and schedule information
  • Add value to the RFP effort by including key consultants in the process
  • Select a construction team early in design to assist in "guiding design to meet budget"
  • Mitigate adversarial cost and schedule claims

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